About Us

Botsmart is a webportal for smart people that realize that there is really great products you can use to improve your money making on the internet, also you can use them for example SEO purposes. In this site you will find the best bots in the trade and also some “Off market” products, that are really great. In the section passive income, there will be links to some great passive income streams. The great thing about these products is that you set it off and then it is wery little effort from your side.

our mission & vision

Our vision is to be the best and most used site in “using bots” category, we will try our best so you can get a clear idea of what products to buy and also wish to actually skip. Hope you had a pleasant stay at this site and hope your wallet will fill up with some nice cash!

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why bots?

Bots are created to make the job for you, as you hangout with your friends or whatever you like in your sparetime, they are programmed with mathematical perfection and there is little work for you to do. What you do is letting the bot using your start capital grow, in the pace you decide it to. I suggest longterm profits before fast cash, but that is up to you, when setting it up to play bet on horses, greyhounds or playing the casino games.

At botsmart you will find all the bots you need to make your internet life better!

You can use the bots for example sportsbetting,roulette,poker,
tradingforex ,winning your farorite games.


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