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Bet Angel – the ultimate betfair toolkit


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150 Pound or 180 Euro /year

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Bet Angel – the ultimate betfair toolkit gives you the best possible chance of making your trading or betting pay!  Bet Angel is software that sits between you and the betting exchange and it allows you to interact with the betting exchange in ways you perhaps wouldn’t have considered possible. Not only does it contain very advanced, state of the art, trading tools; but a suite of advanced betting tools as well. Whatever you want to do Bet Angel can probably do it!



Bet Angel – the ultimate betfair toolkit trading app is considered the ‘holy grail’ of modern gambling markets. By trading rather than just backing or laying, sports and non sports fans can give themselves an excellent chance of profiting either with or without any underlying knowledge of the sports event. No longer does your betting become result dependant, trading offers you the chance to win regardless of the whoever wins!