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Betsender horse race betting software is fully automated betting bot for Betfair.  Unlike many other software it has numerous staking plans on board. You can leave Betsender running on your machine for whole day and it will handle your betting.




Feature Summary:

V Betting is fully automated
V 19 backing and 19 laying staking plans
V Automatic markets and selections search across the all sports events
V Load multiple UK, AUS, US races, greyhounds and other markets
V Betting on unnamed favourites (1-6 Favs)
V Auto select lowest priced runner in a certain price range
V Simulation mode to test your strategies with virtual bets
V Conditional betting, according to number of horses, min and max odds
V Top tipsters from the Racing-Index integrated
V Advanced betting criteria based on first six favourites price
V Max odds spread and Min matched amount betting conditions
V Allows you to see and save all your betting results and profits from Betfair
V Export bets to Excel (.csv) files
V Export bets to TSM file format
V Import selections from Excel (.csv) files
V The bot can have multiple betting profiles
V Takes into account your commission (Betfair)
V Ability to run multiple instances of the software on the same machine
V Option to place bets at BSP (Betfair starting price)
V Advanced test feature that allows to run the staking plans against yours or random bets
V Stop at profit/loss and stop after winner/loser triggers. Can be set as absolute amount or percentage of bank.
V Scheduled actions. Restart staking plan or shutdown computer when target profit is hit or after last race.
V The bot can bet on all Betfair markets
V Betting statistics for staking plans
V Allows to bet less than minimum Betfair stake, as small as one penny
V Simple to use user interface, connecting you directly to Betfair
V One license is valid for TWO computers, install the Betsender bot at home and at work!
V Run virtually UNLIMITED number of instances with ANY number of Betfair accounts!


Betsender horse race betting software Complete List of Available Staking Plans

Backing Staking Plans: Level Stakes, 1326, Fixed Profit, Percentage, Dalembert, Fibonacci, Sqrt, Parlay, Progressive, Pro, Retirement, Secure, Up Down, LP28, Labouchere, Recovery, Martin, Bookies Bank, Kelly’s.
Laying Staking Plans: Level Stakes, 1326, Lay Percentage, Dalembert, Fibonacci, Fixed, Parlay, Progressive, Secure, Sqrt, Up Down, LP28, Labouchere, HiPro86, Recovery, Martin, Maria, Lay 1-4, Kelly’s.


List of available tips services

The Bet Plan, My Best Bets (UltimateLays, Favourites, DiamondLays), ParlaysUK (Equinox, Solstice), Lay Bet Professional,


Custom staking strategies on demand

Can’t find a staking plan good enough for you? We can add any custom staking plan into the bot on demand just in 24 hours. Contact us to send your requirements.