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Blackjack Kit PRO


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Blackjack Kit PRO

Blackjack Kit PRO is a new system for online Blackjack. see video below for real live play on a blackjack table




The main strategy in Blackjack, as you probably know, is the so-called “basic strategy”. Actually, it is a standard calculation of probabilities at some combinations of the player’s and the dealer’s cards.

Again, some time ago, the basic strategy was used in conjunction with the cards counting techniques and gave the player alsmot unconditional victory. Those who used the technique of card counting in a game called “counters “. And the casinos fought against them with “intimidation” methods (such as, ” if you come to our casino again – we will brake your knees ”  . But no matter what, “counters” became more and more, and eventually the casino had to make adjustments to the rules of the game ( otherwise it was threatened with catastrophe) …

Currently in modern conditions in online casinos, the cards counting lost sense, because on live tables cards are shuffled very often, and on RNG tables the cards are generally mixed again before each new hand is dealt (formally stated in the rules).

In addition, some time ago the casino allowed the player to make a few splits in the hand, but now most casinos allows only one split in the hand, what is again potentially decrease the chances of players!

So, beloved by all “basic strategy”, which once even gave a 100% win to the player, has now become profitable for the casino! With the new rules, the casino has a small the mathematical advantage.

Needless to say, that many casinos impose the basic strategy to the players, and offer even to play the basic strategy in automatic mode! And is this not an indication that with the new rules casinos no longer fear the “counters” or other “math geniuses”…


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