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Bonus Miner Blackjack Bot


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Bonus Miner Blackjack Bot

BonusMiner - Blackjack bot for casino bonus clearing

Casino games are always designed with odds in the casino’s favor. Therefore, playing at online casinos (regardless of strategy you choose) will result in loss in the long run. However, everything changes if the casino give you a bonus. Let’s take a short overview how it works:

Why casinos offers bonuses

There are plenty of online casinos on the internet today. They creating competition between themselves and in order to attract new players, many of them are offering sign-up bonuses. When a new player register to the casino and make first-time deposit, casino adds bonus to his account. Each casino also set in their bonus terms minimum amount of wagers, that a player must place in their games, before he can withdraw given bonus from his account. This is known as Wagering Requirements or Playthrough Requirements.

Practice of offering bonuses as promotional tool works very well for casinos. A big part of their customers who are attracted by these bonuses are players who like to gamble and most of them will eventually lose their bonus given by casino, plus a good chunk of their own funds.


Let Bonus Miner Blackjack Bot Make profit from casino bonus

Few players know that when they play games with the lowest house advantage (House Edge) with optimal strategy, they can complete wagering requirements with loss that is much smaller than a bonus given by casino. They turn casino bonus into profit. This practice is also known as ‘bonus hunting’, ‘bonus bagging’ or ‘bonus clearing’.

The most popular game for completing wagering requirements is Blackjack. It is an excellent choice due to its low House Edge, usually around 0.5% and acceptable variance (explained later). House Edge represents the amount of each bet you lose to the house (in casino’s favor) if you play the game with optimal strategy. If you play Blackjack (with House Edge 0.5%) with optimal strategy and you wager €1000 you expecting to lose €5 to the house.

The casinos do not usually own the gaming software. They lease it from the software companies who create it. Each casino software provider has Blackjack with slightly different rules. For each Blackjack variation exist optimal strategy. When a player follow this strategy precisely, then the House Edge is holding at the minimum level. An example of Blackjack strategy table you can see on the right side. For each situation in the game exist the best predetermined action.