Forex Arbitrage EA


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Forex Arbitrage EA

The main conception of Forex Arbitrage EA is simple: we open Buy and Sell trades on 2 different brokers. Because we use 2 brokers, then summary profit of Buy and Sell trades is floating value. This means we can catch the best moment to enter and best moment to exit.

We can trade 2 shemes:

1) Buy + Sell sheme: we open Buy on master broker and Sell on slave broker same lot

2) Sell + Buy sheme: we open Sell on master broker and Buy on slave broker same lot


On every tick Forex Arbitrage EA calculate the spread between master and slave brokers. We can write this spread to .csv file (LogQuotes options), open and analize it in Excel.

Excel allows to build graph. chart to know the minimum and maximum spread value for required time period. Our task is open trades on minimum spread and exit on maximum spread.


We update Open.Spread4Open.pips option and set minimum spread difference to enter. We update Close.SummProfit4Close.pips option and set required profit to close positions.