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27 pounds or 33 Euro

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The Grey Horse Bot Horse Bot
When you haven’t got a large bank or you want to test a system then under £2.00 betting is a very desirable option on Betfair.If you have ever tried to do it, especially at speed, you will know how difficult it can be. It seems simple enough. Put a £2.00 bet in at odds that won’t be matched. Increase the £2.00 by the real size of the bet you want to place. On the new smaller bet change the odds to get matched. Cancel the original £2.00 bet. you are just doing one or two bets a day nowhere near the off or in-play markets, then you should have no trouble at all with the above.But, on the other hand if you are betting near the off or in-play, then the odds change so quickly you can end up chasing the odds and miss the odds altogether that you were trying to achieve. There is a simpler way….The GHB (Grey Horse Bot) has automated under £2.00 betting. Simply add your selections, set the odds range (eg 1.50 to 4.00) insert the stake size (0.50) and let GHB do the rest.But GHB is far more sophisticated than just an under £2.00 betting bot.GHB allows you to set up specific scenarios to suit you. In manual mode you select the runners you want to bet on, which you can back up with a number of configurable options. NR’s or Market value.In auto mode GHB allows you select 1 or multiple runners based on price, movement of price, matched volume to name a few of the features.GHB is continually being updated and already boast far more features than any other bot in its price range. What’s more GHB is continually being updated with options that is suggested by its very loyal following.So instead of playing around with the Betfair interface why not make live easier with the GHB.



The Grey Horse Bot Feature List

Choose your Markets – Greyhounds, Horse Racing, Football, Tennis, Cricket, Snooker, Rugby and American football and more coming!

Be safe – Stop at profit or loss – You can use monetary (amount or % of your bank)- you can use number of wins or losses (in sequence or out of sequence) and the latest version allows you to stop when your actual Betfair bank balance reaches your limit.

Be Safe – The grey horse bot has a unique paper trading mode so you can try you’re your selections before going live.

Choose your own markets and runners based on your criteria or from a system you are running (many systems and tipsters recommend Grey Horse Bot and even provide special links to use with the bot) but still control if a bet is placed by price range, NR’s, Horse Form, favourite or not and other criteria.


You can automate the choice of runner by a whole range of criteria including position in betting, disparity to other runners, Steamer or drifter, matched volume, price range, back or lay all runners in your price range and much more.

Types of bets – Lay, Back, Dutch, Place.

Type of stakes – Stake size by odds range, Stake, Stake Percentage of bank, Liability, Liability percentage of bank and Target Profit.

Trade- Free bet, equalise and close out based on criteria. Before the off and in-running (not greyhounds) trading. Use tick value or Percentage change.

Dutching – Maximum dutching book, Minimum dutching book, Maximum Market book and all runners must meet dutching requirements. Dutching available in Auto and Manual mode.

Non Runner – Number of non runners, Reduction factor or the number of runners in the race.

Horse Form – Age, Day’s since last run, Claiming Jockey, Weight, Draw, LTO, Wearing (check pieces, Blinkers, Visor, Tongue Strap and Eye shields.

Other popular options…

Stop betting x seconds before the advertised off
Start Betting x seconds after in play