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97 pounds ( life time licence) ,116 Euro

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Spymare Horse Racing Arbitrage software is a piece of software that monitors arbitrage events in the U.K horse race market.

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Spymare Horse Racing Arbitrage software is a dedicated Horse Racing Arbitrage software which quickly & efficiently finds Arbitrage bets on the UK and Irish Horse Racing markets, ensuring you never lose another racing bet again!If you are unsure of what an arbitrage bet is don’t worry, we will explain all of that in videos. In essence its a sure bet, meaning you cannot lose no matter the outcome of the bet.You can find more details about arbitrage in our free guide and user manual supplied with every subscription and purchase.

Spymare Horse Racing Arbitrage software DOES NOT USE ODDS COMPARISON SITES like some other software .It uses direct feeds from the bookmakers themselves ensuring odds are as accurate as possible, NOT delayed like inferior products! You need to consider this when you are thinking of purchasing an arbitrage product as even small delays can mean the difference between getting your bets on at the best odds available OR.…….missing the arbs entirely.Do not be fooled by other arbitrage software which uses odds comparison sites, remember that Speed is of the essence to be successful and that means live prices.